About Meredith Dolan

Meredith Dolan’s campaign for Allegheny County Council is a generational call to action. This year, she joins thousands of young Americans in both parties committed to making government accountable to the people again. As a Republican, she’s made it her mission to fuse traditional GOP principles of thrift and efficiency with people and family-centered empathy.

Motivated to serve

The great-granddaughter of Polish and Slovakian immigrants to Pittsburgh, Meredith inherited a work ethic that has defined her volunteer and professional career. Her early family life was deeply impacted by serious mental illnesses of loved ones—an experience that has given her sensitivities for families navigating the complex sometimes overwhelming world of treatment and recovery. As a wife and young mother, she overcame the valleys of mental health challenges stemming from postpartum anxiety. She remains a committed advocate for families in need by volunteering with organizations like North Hills Community Outreach, Foster Love Project, and Second Harvest Thrift Store. She’s also been a volunteer and supporter of N Street Village—an organization providing housing for victims of abuse, addicts, and those experiencing homelessness.

Balancing motherhood and career

A graduate of Ohio University, Meredith’s professional career spans from her first job as a 16-year-old lifeguard to becoming chief-of-staff to a member of Congress in Washington, DC. The experience allowed her to develop expertise on policies ranging from clean water and environmental issues to road, rail, and air transportation policy. Aware that no one achieves success alone, she has mentored countless young women and men throughout her career. In 2017, she and her husband Greg—a fellow Capitol Hill staffer—left DC and returned home to Allegheny County to raise their growing family.

Like hundreds of thousands of professional women, Meredith has confronted sexual harassment in the workplace and even scored a legal victory against an employer for pregnancy discrimination. She remains active with organizations like Women’s Choice Network, which provide critical support for pregnant moms and their partners. Meredith’s professional life currently includes operations work for a tech startup company.

Prioritizing family and community first

Meredith is married to Greg Dolan, a high school history teacher at Aquinas Academy in Hampton Township. The Dolans are blessed with two young children and are expecting a third in August. The family lives in Fox Chapel and are active members of St. Joseph Parish in O’Hara.